Eye Wand


An innovative device that targets wrinkles, eyebags, and dark circles. It stimulates collagen production with a vibrating function to maximize the absorption of eye cream.


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Product Description

Type 1 Specification´╝Ü
Color: blue, green, pink, purple, black
Vibration frequency: 8000 times/min


Mode 1: EMS + RF
Mode 2: EMS + RF + red light hot compress
Mode 3: EMS + RF + red light hot compress + vibration
Product size: 12*2.3*1.8cm

1. Please apply eye cream or essence evenly around the eyes before use
2. This product has a gear memory function, which is the gear when it was turned off last time.
3. This product is equipped with a reminder function, 3 minutes/time micro-vibration reminder switch mode, restart the timer after switching.

1. RF radio frequency: RF radiofrequency electromagnetic waves act on the dermis layer of the skin to regenerate a large amount of collagen, thereby supporting the epidermal skin, making it firmer and more elastic, and can fade eye lines, nasolabial lines, and forehead lines.

2. EMS microcurrent: stimulate muscles through micro-currents, help muscles move, and shape tight eye contours.

3. Red light

4. Vibration massage: 8000 times/minute high frequency vibration, quickly massage the eye skin, promote the absorption of skin care products, and shape beautiful eyes.

Packing list:
1 * RF radio frequency eye beauty instrument
1 * USB charging cable
1 * Manual


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